Information for clients

Information for recipients of legal services.

Based on requirements of Act No. 136/2010 Coll. on services in the internal market and on amendment to other acts, we provide our clients the following information prior to our provision of services.

Basic information
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Bardač s. r. o. law office is a limited liability company with its registered address at Lovinského 22, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic. The company was set up according to Slovak law and it is registered in the Commercial Register at the Bratislava I District Court, Section Sro, File No. 85321/B. Entity identification number (IČO): 47243252. Value added tax identification number (IČ DPH): SK2023638023.

Our office acquired the authorisation to provide legal services according to Act No. 586/2003 Coll. on advocacy upon registration in the list of limited liability companies held by the Slovak Bar Association.

The person acting on behalf of the office is Róbert Bardač, who is the managing director of the company and who is, as a lawyer, registered in the list of lawyers held by the Slovak Bar Association with registration number 6274.

General terms of providing services
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We provide legal services according to Act No. 586/2003 Coll. on advocacy, in line with the Advocacy Code and other regulations of the Slovak Bar Association, on the basis of contracts with clients, which are regulated by the Slovak law. The company provides legal services predominantly in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Basic description of services
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We provide clients with legal services that are, in particular: representation in proceedings at courts, public administration authorities and other legal entities, defence in criminal proceedings, providing legal consultancy, drafting documents on legal acts, preparation of legal analyses, asset management and other forms of legal counselling. We also provide services concerning authorisation of contracts on transfer of real estate and perform secure conversions of documents to electronic format and vice versa.

Manner of determination of the reward
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We prefer contractual rewards for remuneration of our services. The type of reward for providing legal services is arranged with clients individually, depending on the difficulty and circumstances of each matter. The amount and form of the reward respects requirements of Decree No. 655/2004 Coll. on remuneration and compensation of lawyers for providing legal services. In connection to the reward for providing legal services, we have the right to request adequate advance payments from clients.

When representing clients in court proceedings, clients usually have, when successful, the right to compensation of expenses of legal services. However, the court can grant such compensation to the client only up to the amount of the tariff reward specified in the aforementioned decree; the same applies also to cases when clients arrange a different form of remuneration with our law firm.

Choice of law and choice of jurisdiction
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We do not apply any special contractual provisions concerning the choice of law or choice of jurisdiction. For services provided to foreign persons, the competent court is the Slovak court with the territorial competence in the place of registered office of our office in lien with Slovak legal regulations.

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We are insured for third party liability in providing legal services with the insurance company Wüstenrot poisťovňa, a.s., registered office at Karadžičova 17, 825 22 Bratislava, IČO: 31383408. The coverage is EUR 1,500,000 per one and total to all insurance events during the term of the insurance. The insurance applies to insurance events that may occur and whose damage may occur in the territory of the Slovak Republic and Member States of the European Union. The insurance applies liability for damages incurred in connection to providing legal services in accordance with the Slovak and EU law.

Other information and complaints
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Information about providing legal services can be obtained and complaints of providing our services can be submitted at the following address: Slovak Bar Association/Slovenská advokátska komora, Kolárska 4, 813 42 Bratislava. Claims and complaints of services can also be applied in our head office.

About us

The law office Bardač s. r. o. was founded by Róbert Bardač, PhD.

Róbert Bardač completed his studies law at the Faculty of Law of the Trnava University in Trnava in 2009 and graduated with the academic title “magister” (Mgr.). In 2014, he acquired his as “doctor” degree (PhD.) at the same university. Besides the above, he also studied biotechnology at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

In 2007 – 2012, he worked in the law office Procházka & partners, spol. s r. o. in Bratislava, under mentoring of doc. JUDr. Radoslav Procházka, PhD., JSD. as an expert officer, later as an articled clerk. In 2012, he passed his advocacy examination and, since then, he has been continuously providing legal services to his clients as an attorney at law. In 2016, he completed the preparatory education for the position of a judge at the Justice Academy of the Slovak Republic.

In his practice, Róbert Bardač specializes mainly in civil law, administrative law (in particular compliance, industry & regulatory) and human rights protection. Currently, he is also a member of the special remonstrance committee at the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic. He is author of several publications and takes part in professional conferences.

Róbert Bardač is member of the Slovak Bar Association, American Bar Association in Chicago and the European Criminal Bar Association in London.

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Since the establishment of our office, we have provided legal services to a multitude of clients, among them, let us mention few selected clients:

  • One of the biggest business conglomerates from South Asia when entering the Slovak market,
  • The biggest local radio and TV broadcaster and small radio broadcasters,
  • Consultancy for recovering claims to one of global leaders in zinc dipping industry,
  • One of the biggest Slovak non-banking provider of consumer and other credits with a long-term foreign tradition,
  • One of the biggest organisations of collective management with a long-term local tradition,
  • A foundation with the biggest assets out of Slovak foundations,
  • Two of the biggest Slovak companies operating in the field of collection, management and recovery of claims,
  • One of the most important professional organisation in the health sector,
  • Selected taxation aspects consultancy to a mobile operator,
  • EU regulation consultancy for one of local postal companies,
  • Municipal law for one of the city quarters of the Capital City of the Slovak Republic Bratislava,
  • A group of Members of Parliament in the National Council of the Slovak Republic in submitting filings according to Art. 125 and 129 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic,
  • In the field of inheritance law, we participated in liquidation of heritage after a significant member of a former ruling dynasty in the Central Europe,
  • In the field of pro bono publico, in particular: consultancy to non-governmental organisations, representation of aggrieved persons in criminal proceedings, representation of journalists concerning freedom of expression and representation of consumers to suppliers.
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